Virtual meeting room

Virtual Meeting Room™ (VMR) is a state-of-the-art, browser-based, peer-to-peer collaboration platform that supports the seamless participation of faculty and students whether located together in a physical classroom or in a remote location in a highly-efficient virtual environment.

VMR permits the transmission of live video stream(s), the electronic polling of student and faculty participants, the sharing and annotating of any/all digital assets (i.e., video, image and document) and "chat" communications, with the added ability to record (capture) any and every aspect of this online experience.

In addition, the collection and analysis of “digital breadcrumbs” left by participants as they interact with the application allows instructors, management and administrative staff to examine correlations between online learning activities and increased knowledge.

VMR sessions can be accessed through your browser of choice or through the use of VideoBank's (iOS or Android-compatible) Mobile Apps...

Digital content manager

VideoBank's Digital Content Manager™ (DCM) resides at the core of its "virtualized learning" product offering. Browser-based, this software application is accessible from any type of computing device (i.e., computers, tablets and smartphones) and accessible with each of the industry's mainstream browsers - Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Its key functional components include:
 • Digital file upload using simple "drag-and-drop" technology
 • Google-like search engine to quickly and easily locate and view files
 • Private and dynamic multi-tiered folder structure to allow maximum data security and unparalleled content integrity
 • Video file creation using a frame-accurate Mark-in/Mark-out video player interface

Live map viewer

Live Map Viewer™ (LMV) is an advanced video and metadata fusion tool. It incorporates live stream capture, file ingest, advanced search, temporal tagging, video editing, geospatial asset tracking, video content redaction and more - all in one cohesive user interface.

 • Record live IP streams from both fixed and mobile camera positions
 • Associate geospatial and temporal metadata, and display sensor/target tracks on the map
 • Instant video replay & video product generation
 • Synchronized situational and temporal visualization