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VideoVault™ Manager

  • Manually or automatically migrate files from online storage to nearline storage and back again.

The VideoVault™ is a client/server relational database which manages the storage of assets and facilitates search and retrieval of content and its associated data. Metadata tags are created and applied by the client for advanced searching. The VideoVault's foundation is the VideoBank Matrix, which organizes and stores your media assets in various formats.  With the VideoBank Matrix you can build associations between different assets, grouping multiple files and formats within a single, easily-accessible location. 

The optional Migration Management add-on controls the migration of archived files to and from nearline storage or other backup systems. Our HSM service uses customizable rules to automate the backup and retrieval of files and is the backbone of an efficient and secure video archive.  Larger assets that have not been accessed recently (and which can often take up valuable space on spinning-disc storage systems) can be moved to a more efficient tape robot automatically.  Users can then easily retrieve these files from within the Matrix.

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