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VideoBank Timeline Interface™

  • Playout two video feeds simultaneously to locate patterns or discrepancies.
  • Easily identify areas of low or high interest and jump directly to those points in the video recording.  
  • Save video clips or screen captures for analysis
  • Distribute areas of interest
  • Filter metadata displayed on the video/data timeline to highlight:
    • Motion detection
    • mIRC chat
    • Live data tags
    • Telemetry capture
    • Replay activity

    The capture of video over long time intervals results in large amounts of visual data that becomes cumbersome to quickly analyze and distribute. The human invention required, by the VideoBank Logger/Replay interface, provides extremely accurate analysis of long form content while the live events are in progress. However, the need to reach back to pre-recorded content that might be not have been pertinent at the live logging stage, could be of importance in the future. The task of narrowing down the scope of content in order to find areas of interest becomes desirable. The objective is to funnel the content from a wide range of results to a defined, narrow view of the content. This interface will include the available live tagging captured in the live workflow. In addition, the following information will be applied to the user experience in order to present the desired information in graphical general user interface, with the ease of use and intuitive interaction in mind.

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