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VideoBank Editor™

  • Playout and/or segment “parent” files into “child” clips
  • Rearrange clips and save them as a playlist for distribution
  • Display videos using VideoBank’s storyboard interface

VideoBank’s editing utility allows users to view longer segments of video and create “child” clips for storing within the system or distributing via FTP, CD, or DVD.  Operators can decide whether or not that want to carry over the metadata from “parent” file to each of the “child” clips.  Additional metadata tags can also be added to make searching edited clips easier.  VideoBank’s storyboard interface breaks down longer piece of video into smaller chunks, each with its own representative thumbnail.  Operators can then easily navigate to a section of video to make additional edits only to that piece of video. Selected video can be migrated to various NLEs for final conform and mastering.

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