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VideoBank Automated Metadata Capture Modules™

  • Capture and index closed caption data against video timecodes
  • Capture and index telemetry data against video timecodes
  • Capture and index sensor azimuth data against video timecodes
  • Capture and index ITPC header information
  • Capture and index mIRC chat logs against video timecodes
  • Translate and index XML data

These software bundles automatically extract and index data from video or image files.  Users can then search for archived materials based on the extracted information.  Our closed captioning indexer and mIRC chat loggers instantly transform closed captioning information and any mIRC chat logs from analysts or trainers into keywords for searching against.  Telemetry and sensor azimuth loggers can provide mission critical information about the geographic locations where videos were captured.  VideoBank systems can also come equipped with an XML import and export feature, which means that data that was part of an earlier DAM system can automatically be brought into the VideoBank System.

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