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As state and local budgets are constricting and costs continue to rise, many educational institutions are facing the difficult decision of whether to cut services or raise tuition rates.  Fortunately, new technologies are available to help schools expand the communities they can reach at a minimal cost.

VideoBank offers a variety of tools that are ideal for both large research universities and small colleges offering distance-learning courses to students in neighboring towns and cities.  Everyday, educational institutions are using remote learning classrooms to help to eliminate many of the overhead costs associated with building maintenance. 

The VideoBank Remote Encoder Controller allows a single technician to monitor multiple cameras in several lecture halls, laboratories or operating rooms simultaneously or schedule automated recording sessions.  Feeds can all be recorded, edited and posted to a course website from a single location, and enrolled students can easily view lectures using their computers at home.  Additional documents such as PowerPoint presentations, course syllabi and assignments, and audio and image files can be stored along with video clips so that an entire lesson plan can be made available through a single webpage. 

VideoBank Systems are also ideal for managing large archives of videos, images, audio files and historical documents, which can all be made available for students, researchers and medical professionals to access online. 

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