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As the capacity and speed of networked storage devices continues to increase, many organizations are choosing to switch to digital archives in order to streamline their enterprise’s ability to access and utilize stored content.

VideoBank has custom-designed, built and installed large-scale asset management systems for a variety of corporate and government clients.  The flexibility of our DAM products, which can ingest, log, index, archive, display and distribute any type of digital file, makes our solutions ideal for large government and corporate archives with complex workflow requirements.  Existing paper-based archives can easily be digitized and brought into the system as well, allowing you to have access to all your organization’s assets from a single networked workstation.

The same VideoBank system can be used to manage multiple departments or sub-departments, with each group having the ability to configure unique profiles for tagging and archiving files.  Shared assets can be stored in a SAN environment for enterprise-wide access.  System administrators can then restrict data and/or content either by setting access permissions or by migrating sensitive files to secure storage locations.

Because VideoBank’s toolsets are available in fat-client and thin-client interfaces, your employees will be able to upload, log, index, edit, search and retrieve stored content either from a centralized location or remotely using a standard web browser.

Assets stored within the system can also be automatically pushed to a website, with integrated E-commerce tools that allow consumers to purchase your products such as videos, images or audio files directly from your site.

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