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For more than a decade, VideoBank has revolutionized the ways in which educational institutions, medical facilities, government organizations, entertainment companies and the U.S. military have archived, managed, and distributed their products and services worldwide. More importantly, our systems have transformed the way the men and women of our armed forces gather and utilize intelligence both at home and abroad.  At VideoBank we make it our responsibility to stay on the cutting edge of technology, which helps allow business leaders, doctors, teachers, government officials and soldiers to concentrate their energies where they truly belong—on serving their local and global communities.

VideoBank employees dedicate themselves to meeting the needs of our clients. In addition to providing a state-of-the-art COTS product line, we also have extensive experience custom designing, building, and installing advanced asset management systems. While VideoBank software provides the core of the digital asset management solutions we provide, our integration and development teams will work hand-in-hand with members of your organization to design a turnkey solution according to your specifications.

Because we began as a small company, we know what it means to deal with clients that have unique requirements as well as vastly different budgetary constraints. Consequently, our products are modular, which means we can provide you with only the components you truly need. Our software and hardware solutions are fully adaptable and scalable to most systems, and our integration specialists are experts at incorporating new components and/or repurposing your current infrastructure to ensure compatibility and reduce costs.  More Importantly, systems can be built using a phased approach, which means that you have the option of purchasing a basic VideoBank package, which can be expanded to keep pace as your organization’s asset management needs continue to grow.


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